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    Joyetech Exceed Edge Review – a new starter kit for everyone

    introduction Hello everyone,in this review, we will talk about the joyetech exceed edge vaporizer, I’m very happy to meet with you. With the upgrading of e-cigarettes, not only small vaporizers such as PHIX vape pod will bring tobacco replacement products to a new height, and other types of e-cigarette products are constantly being upgraded and changed.   As a Chinese…

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    PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit Review-a small but powerful mod

    In this review, we will talk about the PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit, that is a small size but powerful mod kit. The all-in-one box mod is destined for convenience in the market, while the integrated box mod also eliminates a series of technical problems that many new users have when purchasing equipment. For example, should you buy…

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    Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA review – a new kind of RTA you want

    introduction In this review , we will talk about the Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA.Regardless of the types of equipment that can be selected, the electronic cigarette has never be outside of the lung suction and oral suction methods. In 2015-2016, the lung sucking vaporizer dominated various product categories. The eruption period has imprinted the development of the electronic cigarette industry.…

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    XTAR PB2 portable charger review – a revolutionary battery charger

    Introduction In this review , let us talk about the XTAR PB2 portable charger, The charger is one of the indispensable accessories for every electronic cigarette user. Today, it brings us a revolutionary product that breaks the tradition. The portable battery charger with power function is provided by Shenzhen Aikeda Electronic Co., Ltd.   The package contains one charger, one…

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    Wotofo ReCurve RDA review and break down

    introduction In this review, we will take a through look at the WOTOFO new atomizer, the Recurve RDA.Joint launch is a common practice in the e-cigarette industry, especially in the well-known brand WOTOFO’s products , for example, the SMM RTA which received considerable attention some time ago is produced by WOTOFO and SUCK MYMOD. An RDA shared with you today…

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    SMOANT RANKER 218W TC Box Mod review

    Entering the 2018 ,SMOANT has offered us many new products, and following the CYLON218 some time ago, it has again launched a dual-power 18650-designed high-power vape mod. This new product called SMOANT RANKER TC Box Mod , it still inherits the outstanding texture and workmanship of CYLON. However, the two models use completely different exterior design routes. The decent black…

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    CoilART MAGE RTA review – the newest addition to our box mod

    The introduction Today in our review ,we will talk about the CoilART MAGE RTA, a new 24MM 3.5ML tank atmozier.          With the evolution of e-cigarette technology, the atomizer structure has been gradually improved. Thanks to the common benign competition of global vape brands, vapers can use more perfect design equipment. In addition to the essential use of smoking cessation…