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Wotofo ReCurve RDA review and break down


In this review, we will take a through look at the WOTOFO new atomizer, the Recurve RDA.Joint launch is a common practice in the e-cigarette industry, especially in the well-known brand WOTOFO’s products , for example, the SMM RTA which received considerable attention some time ago is produced by WOTOFO and SUCK MYMOD. An RDA shared with you today is also derived from this cooperation model. It is a RECURVE RDA, an oil drop atomizer jointly developed by WOTOFO and senior US reviewer MIKE VAPES.

RDA front

Search YOUTUBE “MIKE VAPES” can find a lot of review video, most players are very familiar with this senior reviewer. For a product designed by a senior reviewer, vapers will evaluate it with a very harsh attitude, and the reason is also very simple – the actual experience of the product should be equated with the senior reviewer’s reputation.I have another rda review ,which is the coilart mage rta,that is aslo a good one, if you want to know it ,check the link. Or if you want a brand new all in one vaporizer starter kit, then maybe the Joyetech Exceed Edge is for you, you can check it just in case.

package box

What’s inside the package

The original packaging is rich in content and it also continues WOTOFO’s consistent style. In addition to delivering 510 nozzle changeover interfaces, 810 replacement nozzles, three finished Clapton coils, and coil stitch length aids, this L-shaped gadget has a significant role in managing the length of the stitch.

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Shape of the RDA

Each side of the two groups of six holes inlet design, the standard side inlet RDA, although the design of 24MM diameter RDA works, in fact, the thickness of the cover can be seen that RECURVE RDA atomization space is narrow than other RDA  with the same diameter. The appearance of the line processed into a self-cultivation arc, and therefore the appearance of the game circle is called “Little Man waist” drop of oil. For more info you can also go to

top view

Review the component of WoToFo ReCurve RDA

The structure is clearly decomposed into the daily maintenance state. The four lock holes are convenient for the two directions when winding the wire, and the original one is pre-installed with the bottom oil injection positive electrode (non-hollow electrodes can be replaced from the accessory package). The shape of the suction nozzle cooperates with the waist repair design, and it can perform well on the tightness of the mouth. The two suction nozzles attached to the original factory only have different colors and can be replaced according to aesthetic requirements.


E juice injection

The designer envisions that this RDA should be used for bottom injection, and the ideas from the pre-installed hollow electrode screws and the diversion channel at the bottom of the electrode table are felt. Both sides of the dense hole air inlet can provide a full range of direct blow heat for the central coil, for a friend who loves to use multi-core single Clapton, this is a long-awaited single-shot structure.

bottom view

Coil making

The L-shaped gadget provides an extremely intuitive and convenient reference for the reserve of the length of the thread leg. As long as the thread is cut at this position, the height at which the coil is mounted on the electrode stage is the best position. Although this is a simple L-shaped metal rod, its role has far exceeded the significance of the wire-wound metal rod, which makes the reconstruction more convenient.


The original coil is just fine, and both the ring diameter and the width just fit the various positions of the RECURVE RDA electrode stage. From the side view, it can be seen that, in normal use, the sides of the coil and the bottom three sides of the coil are blown by the airflow. With the air intake characteristics of the small holes, the suction resistance of the RECURVE RDA must be extremely smooth.

WoToFo ReCurve RDA coil

The Air intake

The intake of the air is adjustable, but for the original coil setting, it performs best in the fully open state. Smooth and with a slight resistance to inhalation, you can feel its cooling effect in continuous use. For a coil with such a high heat, there is probably no apparently high temperature after seven consecutive extractions.

WoToFo ReCurve RDA cotton

The large 810 suction nozzle supports blind drops, but the lateral intake air does not mean that the e liquid can be completely over-inflicted blindly, even if the e liquid falls through the coil in the middle diversion groove and smoothly inhales the cotton, this will also be caused by the bottom tank. High-level and certain restrictions exist, the actual measurement can be instilled 10-15 drops of oil to meet the 5-7 moderate lung suction use, but also due to the difference of cotton hand.

liquid interface

The vapor taste

This is a tasteful RDA, and its structural design can gradually confirm this fact. The Clapton Coil’s three-dimensional taste and taste reduction ability is no doubt, but excessive heat is also one of the important factors that affect the expression of the smoke oil taste.

whole view

The 12 holes on this RDA are distributed and blown straight away to solve the problem of excessive heat accumulation.

size compare

a small bug in using

Speaking of the use of the bottom oiling device, the hollow screw with an open mouth will have a slight leakage, depending on the electrode seal design of the bottom oiling machine. If the electrode of the BF device used with it does not have a leakproof process, this word The open-hole hollow screw is a small BUG, ​​if the manufacturer uses a hexagonal hollow screw will be more perfect.

The conclusion

In review summary, this RECURVE RDA’s powerful cooperation is a successful case. It combines the designer’s delicate ideas with the high-quality craftsmanship of Dachang, presenting a product that combines both inside and outside. However, if you need to buy this small waist as a bag, you need to pay attention to this design, although it is a single Clapton, this single drop of high-energy coil can only meet the 6-10 holdings, but There is no doubt that the quality of each inhalation is very high!  If you want to more about this vape you can go