Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA review
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Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA review – a very good RDTA for any vapers

The introduction

Today let us give a review of the Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA.

vaporizer in action


Compared to the electronic cigarette box mod, the vapers likes atomizers more. The reason is simple. Different atomizers can be replaced to provide different experiences, and the atomizers is relative more unique to the vape mod in terms of structure and appearance, The ability to constantly changing the structure and shape, always brings new freshness to the vapers.

In 2017, the “blowout” phenomenon of e-cigarette products once again set a new record. The market is flooded with new products. Each brand is releasing a large number of new products to make vaper overwhelmed. The feeling of giving us is that the product “too many to get reviewed. “, often a product is still in the review, and we received several new products.

This trend of releasing new products has not slowed down due to the implementation of the new EU regulations, but has intensified. Whether or not vaper have the purchasing power and desire to purchase, they cannot stop the new products coming from manufacturers.

For the user, although the number of products is large, it is not easy to find a product that has a unique structure and appearance, and often hears the vaper saying: “Isn’t this XXX changed appearance? Didn’t that change the electrode column for XXX?” It’s hard to find a product with a new look and structure.

The RDTA that we wants to share with you today is not the same, the structure is very interesting, appearance, it is not easy to describe it in short, so everyone read on.

packaging and appearance

PTT logo on the packaging label

The Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA uses a “bolt”-shaped plastic wrap to open the package by rotating it.


nuclear warhead RDA


PPT is a group of vapers, which is called “Play Taste Team”. Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA’s previous generation of BOMB (Core Warhead) RDA also came from this player group.

RDTA separate  view

The package contains one BOMB UFO RDTA, one instruction manual and one accessory kit with a fancy coil and sealing ring.

RDTA side view

Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA follows the BOMB RDA design in appearance, much like a “bullet head” or “egg” or “bomb”…

Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA review

The unique atomizer design

The atomizer is very cleverly designed in structure, and the outer bin can be rotated to perform lift operations. When the lift is opened, the air inlet and suction nozzle are opened and the oil bin is exposed. When it falls, it is closed, the overall size is reduced, and the appearance becomes RDA. However, it cannot be inhaled when it is off.

When the rotating outer bin rises, there is no limit due to the 360° rotation, so pay attention to the position of the inlet on both sides of the pentagram shape corresponding to the coil instead of the two sides of the electrode column, which can be observed through the air inlet or simply directly Pull out the warehouse and confirm the location before deducting it.

The size

The atomizers diameter is 25mm, the length when the outer compartment is lowered is 41mm, and the length of the outer compartment is 45mm.

(A lot of online shops introduced this BOMB UFO RDTA with a diameter of 24mm, but it is actually 25mm with a caliper.)

inside out view

structure of the RDTA

Internal structure, Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA uses a double-column double-hole electrode column structure, the size of the electrode column is large, has a good conductivity. The threaded hole size of 3.5-4mm is compatible with wider fancy coils.

inside view 1

Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA electrode column has a special middle part in the column, in the BOMB RDA also has its figure, because the BOMB RDA uses a 3 column structure, the role of the column is to fix the heating wire foot.

However, in BOMB UFO RDTA, the functions of central column components have evolved and served several roles:

  • Oil filling plug;
  • Hexagon screwdriver

In addition, central column can also close the suction nozzle to prevent foreign matter from entering when the outer warehouse is lowered. It also has the function of preventing the entrance of the frying oil. It is very suitable for use with fancy coils where the frying oil phenomenon is more common.

Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA also has an opening on the side of the electrode column, which can be removed from the side after the coil fixing screw is removed. It can be adapted to the special fancy coil with special structure or meet the special configuration of the user.

RDTA metal shell

The bottom of the RDTA

The bottom of the outer compartment is designed as a wave shape, which corresponds to the bottom edge of the base. When it is closed, it closes and closes. When the vertex is opposite, it rises. It opens the air hole and the suction nozzle. The space between the two low points forms the observation window and can be viewed. The level of smoke oil in the oil tank.

Each side of the warehouse has a star-shaped air inlet on both sides, and the top suction nozzle is made of PEI material to insulate heat, avoiding overheating of the metal warehouse and hot mouth.

inside view of the RDTA

The center of the base is a tubular structure. The electrode screw passes through the middle and is connected to the electrode table. The power supply has a fixed role.

The middle part separates the positive and negative poles to avoid short circuits and also has a closed function to prevent the smoke oil from leaking along the bottom electrode screw.

The opening on both sides is the oil filling port. The e liquid injected from the top enters the oil storage tank from here. The grooves on the two sides correspond to the clamping positions on the bottom of the electrode table, which plays a role of limiting and positioning.

RDTA core

There is also an opening below the positive pole .

The bottom of the electrode table is equipped with four large oil guiding ports for placing cotton. There are also two air holes in the middle to discharge the air in the oil tank when filling the oil.

components of the RDTA

The decomposition of the UFO

the Bomb UFO is completely decomposed is not too difficult. The number of parts is not many, even if the novice operation is not too much pressure, the bottom electrode screw is a key part of the entire atomizer, can be removed after removal Parts are removed one by one.

However, the grey glass warehouse will become mottled with use.

There is no spare glass compartment in the package. If one additional white transparent glass compartment is available for the user to replace, it will be more perfect.

review the atomizer  of Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA

rda coil

There are 2 finished fancy coils in the kit. The appearance should be multi-core Clapton.

The finished coil is wound with 5 turns. The width is exactly matched with the threading hole. The ordinary user directly inserts the threading hole, and after fixing, adjust the level with a winding bar.

You can also adjust the coil further to better fit the double-column double-hole structure.

shape the coil

The coil making

First pass the coil into the winder, (3mm is selected for me, slightly tight, it should be inserted while rotating, the original coil should be 2.8mm diameter) and then turn both feet to 90°, then use The needle-nose pliers clip back one leg and fold back so that the two legs are at the same height.

coil operation

Double-column two-hole structure, two coils need to share the threading hole, the structure itself is actually very inconvenient, especially in the installation of the coil when the four pins will affect each other, in the cut off the foot is not very convenient, so pay attention to distinguish the line foot, Avoid accidentally cutting the coil.

Although the size of the middle pillar part is not large, it is very convenient to use as a hex screwdriver, and it does not take effort, and the screw can be fixed very tightly.

The subsequent burning process will not be repeated. This is very easy to adjust the finished coil. Repeatedly pressing the power supply will allow the coil to gradually heat up and heat up evenly. There is almost no use of ceramic dusters.

The double coil resistance after firing is 0.23Ω, which is consistent with the official nominal 0.2Ω.

cotton binding

The common problem of RDTA is that it is more painful to wear cotton and needs to open the bottom of the oil tank. Some RDTAs adopt a split type design, which means that the e liquid tank and the electrode table can be directly separated without removing the power screw at the bottom. It is also convenient. Which maybe some what different from the coilart mage rta  , which you can read from this review in my blog.

how to add the cotton to the BOMB UFO

Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA is a pity. It does not use a split structure. That is to say, when wearing cotton, it is necessary to remove the bottom electrode screws, break down the oil storage tank, and pay attention to holding the positive pole with your fingers, to avoid causing the coil to deform or shift. 

In practice, the length of the cotton does not need to be too long, because when used, with the tilt of the atomizer, the e liquid will automatically flow to the position of the cotton, and the e liquid is too long to help the oil flow.

After making the atomizing core, inject the cigarette oil from the filling port in the middle of the electrode column. The size of the filling port of the   RDTA is comfortable, size setting, pointed, round head , Big head, small head, elbow, dropper, tip bottle… all aspect are good。

vapor generation

the vapor testing

The vapor effect was actually measured. The performance of the original factory coil 0.2Ω on the Smoant RABOX MINI was very good. The explosive power was very high, and the smoke pattern was fierce. The use of only one gear for daily use was sufficient.

RDTA and box mod

The oil droplets festooned by the fancy coil will be blocked by the “Umbrella” of the column to avoid entering the suction nozzle. Even if the condensate accumulates, it can be directly wiped off when the external position is lowered, which is more convenient.

Sum up

Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA can be said that it is based on previous BOMB RDA, after optimization and adjustment of a product, although the structure is very different, but you can still see a lot of BOMB RDA shadow, it is Better to use:

  • It is more convenient to use a storage tank.
  • PEI insulation nozzle to avoid hot mouth hurt.
  • Clever design, switchable suction nozzle and air inlet.
  • central column designed anti-fried oil.

However, when it was actually used, some problems were also found:

  • The first problem is the hotness. Although the suction mouth uses PEI, the heat insulation effect is very obvious, but the size is relatively small. For people like me, although the mouth shape is controlled, the foreign aid of the lips will still exceed the suction mouth. Metal outside the warehouse contact, , the temperature of the outside warehouse is very high, even more than 3 in the test when it sucks really endure high temperature in the vape.
  • It is recommended that if used with a fancy coil, care should be taken to avoid contact of the lips, hands, and other parts with the outer compartment, as the temperature is really high.

  • Secondly, the treatment of cotton requires some skills. If the quantity is small, it will leak, the quantity will increase, and even the suction will be easy to paste. The novice should use more exercises.
  • Third, the outer compartment often rotates, causing damage to the seal ring. If it is used for a long time, some sealing rings should be prepared for backup.
  • Fourth, the suction resistance is high and the intake air is tight. Users who like large intake air have to adapt to a stage. Once they get used to it, they are still more comfortable.

       There is also an wotofo recurve rda in my review blog, which is also quite good ,you can check it from this link

Overall rating 

vapor in action

the  RDTA ‘s air intake is relatively tight, but it does not affect the amount of smoke. UFO’s smoke performance is very good, is a smoke expert.

The taste is also one of the characteristics of Bomb UFO  RDTA. After all, it is from the PTT taste group. It is still guaranteed in terms of taste, and the intake air volume and the shape of the outside warehouse are more biased towards the taste. So it is a taste for The main vapor RDTA, even with the use of ordinary coil can also get a good taste, but compared with the original fancy coil, the big mouth that it is more suitable for fancy coil.

There are some difficulties in operation, and novices need more practice to get started. The setting of cotton is the key to the success or failure of the atomization core.

At present of my review,, this Serisvape Bomb UFO 1.5 RDTA has sales in both e-commerce and offline stores. The retail price of the BOMB UFO RDTA is not expansive. The BOMB UFO RDTA is still competitive in this price range.

If you do not like the RDA or RDTA but want to use a all in one vaporizer or starter kit , then the joyetech exceed edge may be just for you, check the item review here.

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