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Puffco Pro vaporizer Review-another pen like vaporizer with usb charger

This review is about the the Puffco Pro vaporizer, it’s a nicely made elegant sexy vape pen with a polished finish ,the main power button is a cloud logo kind of cool.

5 click on lock so the low temperature is green, there’s three temperatures setting in this battery , click a four times to switch to the next temperatures, The Blue light is medium and the red light is high, when you press the power button, the tip lights up

the mouthpiece at the other end is extra wide, the mouthpiece tip is held in by little o ring got the middle spacer piece atomizer battery, so their atomizer is unique and very cool.

now it does only come with one of these but it’s a very big ceramic chamber, which is deep, I found that it can hold somewhere around like a third of a grand like . 3 Grish, that’s a lot, it has a ceramic rod wick all the way at the bottom, racked with a titanium coil. for more general info please visit here wiki.

nice package box

how to use

it’s definitely cool , it’s so big but what this means and what I found when i’ve been testing it and using it. it’s hard to load small amounts in here , it’s not like some of the other pens I’ve reviewed with a coil of the wick is like closer to the top ,so you could put like a little piece on get like a handful of drawers which is from five to  ten draws .

with this one with the Puffco Pro, i found that it definitely works best when you pack it like at least two-thirds of the way ,so I would put at least .2 at a time in there.

now when you do pack it full or when you put a lot in it ,the one thing you have to watch out for is the air passage to the coil you have to make sure that there’s at least a little hole or some kind of small message for the air and vapor to get through .otherwise you’re going to get like a clogged feeling and you’re not going to get a draw ,you’re just going to have to open it up and move the wax around a little bit.

that is what I found with this atomizer with the Puffco Pro,it can be like blocked or clogged like when you go to take your first draw when you hit the power button,and nothing happens ,you just feel like you’re hitting a brick like obviously something is clogged .

so what I usually do is just keep puffing on a few times and tap the heat a couple times, eventually you have to make the little hole in there that lets the air flow from the coil up to the mouthpiece ,from a full packing now when i put . 3 in here, i was able to get 50-plus draws from that, i usually take like 4 seconds drawers and that testing was done on low heat .

during that period ,i did have to open it up and move around the wax a few times you know move it closer to the coil or get it off the sides and stuff ,which is not uncommon but you can’t really just pack it and forget it ,and next time you open it up everything’s will be gone,it doesn’t really work that way.

it works really well when you are taking small or big draws, it has only a tiny bit of draw resistance and  it’s pretty easy to pull from .

from Puffco Pro atomizer you got smooth vapor, really clean taste ,definitely above average quality vapor when i was testing out the different heat levels, they didn’t seem to affect how quickly the coil heats up , i mean it only seems to affect the max temperature of the coil like how hot it will get .so the higher you put it the higher the max temperature is going to be inside.if you want to separate rta,just check my fumytech gotank mtl rta review.

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Puffco Pro review conclusion

so overall it’s a really nice pen vaporizer,  this vape pen is real nice part ,stay together well, screw together well so that’s cool .the battery life is good I had no problems there it takes about three hours to fully charge once it dies.it does come with a wall charger and you can use this little USB cable to charge it .if you want a good usb external charger, you can see my XTAR PB2 portable charger review here.

so i think the performance is great , I like the build quality and the performance, but i do think it’s best if you like to pack you know a decent amount at a time . 2 .3 .If you likes to just put a little bit you know like a right-sized the amount.

at a time wouldn’t say it’s the best but for people who’ve a plot these concentrates a lot,overall , it is a really nice pen vaporizer  .final word in this review,if you want to know more about the Puffco Pro,p lease check the link in the article to find out more.


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