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PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit Review-a small but powerful mod

In this review, we will talk about the PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit, that is a small size but powerful mod kit. The all-in-one box mod is destined for convenience in the market, while the integrated box mod also eliminates a series of technical problems that many new users have when purchasing equipment. For example, should you buy 18650 batteries or 26650?

inside package box

The difference between capacity battery and power battery? Charger and power safety issues, etc…… So the development of electronic cigarette equipment will be optimized based on the market user experience, while making the player more worry.

The ply rock zilla kit is the protagonist to be discussed today. It mixes American aesthetic standards in terms of appearance, while retaining the size of Asian palms.may be you can also install the wotofo recurve rda on it? You can try here.

box mod and palm

ZILLA is a 60W power internal battery mod. The 1700MAH capacity supports a 0.1Ω-3.0Ω heating wire resistance range.

product bottom view

No need to replace the battery in order to simplify the operation, daily use only Android USB data cable can replace the professional charger, players do not need to worry about the maintenance of the battery.

box mod side view

Due to the diversity of the mod system, the ZILLA function keys include, diamond-shaped “function keys” in the middle of the “+” and “-” keys, one-button switching regulator, NI200 temperature control, TI01 temperature control, and SS316 temperature control Mode, eliminating tedious custom settings.

Review the overall design PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit

the box mod

The overall design of the mod is decent and generous. The ignition button adopts a 4-point key design. Any press or simultaneous press can ignite, which means that the player can unlock more handheld positions.

zilla top view

The supporting 510 interface means that ZILLA will allow user to personally replace the atomizer in the future to make more space, allowing the player to provide the customized  atomizer.

There are some e juice product that is quite suitable for the box mod ,include this cosmic fog, which can be find here.

front panel

The icon settings in the system are also one of the highlights. The screen icons are clear and lovely. Although there is no technical leap in the reform, a small change in details captures the hearts of many users.

vapor production

Since PLY Rock Zilla is a 60W Box Mod Kit , it does not demonstrate the vapor explosion. In short, ZILLA is sufficient to meet daily needs.

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