Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review
Vaporizer Review

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer review

Introduction to the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

what I’m going to writing in this review is the pinnacle pro portable vaporizer, this Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is made by the vape blonde company and I did review their original model.

this is the original pinnacle Vaporizer ,there are a few small differences between them.

i will explain what they are in a minute , but before I get started I just wanted to say that I do know that there’s some people out there that like this Vaporizer and I completely respect everybody’s opinion, believe me but I just can’t lie to you guys ,my readers and say that I like this Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer because I really all.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review


comparison with the previous Pinnacle Vaporizer

so if you happen to have seen my review of the original pinnacle Vaporizer that I picked out and mentioned that i didn’t really like about it where the mouthpiece being kind of a little cheesy feeling ,I also said that the vapor was kind of hot in harsh and I also kind of just thought that overall it was a very well made product.

with the new model with the pinnacle pro Vaporizer the things that I don’t like about this one are basically the same.

like with the original Pinnacle Vaporizer, on one of the issues i had was with this mouthpiece thing ,how it sort of just pushes on and off and it sort of just like loose and I don’t know not that tight knot that really well made .

the new Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer looks a little different ,it’s black but it’s sort of like the same thing I mean just pops on and off it’s like a little loose.

i’d say maybe it’s a tiny bit better but it’s still practically the exact same design and then they both have this extra little the mouthpiece thing here at the tip which i also don’t quite understand why this is even a separate piece.

whatever so, this piece get stuck in there so it looks like that .

when you take off the mouthpiece the chamber in here comes out sort of like a cartridge .

this is the actual herb chamber and this is what the inside of the Vaporizer looks like with the heating chamber.

basically what you’re supposed to do is you’re supposed to pack your herbs in here not too tight, don’t overfill it ,and then you drop it in and take your mouthpiece and you snap it on like that and then you turn the Vaporizer on by clicking the power button.

when the battery is dead which is what that means the flashing blue light.



the heat settings of the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

what I’m going to do to show you how it works in the different heat settings i’m going to actually plug mine it.

so that is actually something that most people would consider a pro or a positive about this Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer that it can be used while it’s plugged in and charging.

to turn it on, just push the button once and it’s going to flash that the lowest heat setting that bottom light, that means that it’s heating up with its flashing , once it reaches the desired temperature which is 375 on this setting ,it’s going to turn not just solid it’s going to stop blinking.

the next heat setting of ¬†this Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer as if you push it again you’ll see there’s two lights,¬† this is 395 and if you hit it again he had three lights that’s 4 20 and again you’ve got four lights that’s 445 and hit again all five lights that’s four hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit.


I’ll admit that it’s cool to have multiple heat settings innovative, but to start at 375 I don’t really feel like that’s that great of a place to start ,some people like to vape look at lower temperatures than that including myself, so I would expect maybe a lower starting temperature ,but no big deal but the main issue for me is that even on the lowest temperature with this Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer on 375 ,the vapor still feels like too warm almost hot and like kind of harsh like.


it just feels like breathing in hot air ,most of the other Vaporizer i reviewed or the good ones, you don’t get that feeling when you take a drawing you just kind of feel like a cool or neutral type of feeling and then and you know you get a bunch of vapor it doesn’t really feel very hot as you’re Drawing.

but with this Vaporizer ,it feels very hot to me every single time I take a draw.

even on the lowest heat setting, so this is a convection style vaporizer and one of the benefits of that is that there is very low draw resistance it’s very easy to pull from this one.

that’s something that i would consider a positive for something good about it ,it’s just that unfortunately because of the fact that the vapor or what you’re drawing it feels kind of hot and harsh in a little uncomfortable, it kind of cancels out the positive factor of the load draw resistance if you kind of follow and said.

if we put aside the issues that I have with the mouthpiece one of the things, i do like about this Vaporizer is its size,it is pretty damn small and in the realm of portable Vaporizer small is good.

if I back up a minute back to the issue with the vapor being hot and a little harsh sometimes when i say that people you know they come right back and say well why aren’t you using the Hydra tube that you can get for it.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review


combine the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer with the hydra tube

when I bought the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer ,i went ahead and i got the hydra tube to this time and what this thing is for is they give you a second type of mouth piece thing here that fits in the bottom of the tube so you actually fit it on top.


now your Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer becomes this thing with this hydra tube on top and then you could fill a little bit of water in here up to about here and then give your vapor a little bit of water filtration to kind of cool ,it a little and make it a little more comfortable.

i will admit that using the hydra tube – does make the vapor more tolerable, makes it more comfortable it doesn’t feel as hot and harsh going in ,so it’s sort of neutralizes that issue.

however in my opinion, once you put something like this on to your Vaporizer and this water inside, this is no longer a portable vaporizer.

it is how are you really going to use this anywhere other than inside your house or something ,t I certainly will not be putting the hydra tube in my pocket and trying to do this on a go.

i do think that it performs decently like this ,when you use it with the hydra tube but that sort of brings up another issue, because like I said if you are going to use it with the Hydra tube like this I would then consider it mainly a cordless Vaporizer for use around the house.

but if that was the case and that’s what you were looking for a good cordless Vaporizer to use in your house there are some other models that i would recommend over this one even with the hydra tube.

so i guess the point that I’m trying to make is I don’t consider it a great portable Vaporizer by itself.

I do think there’s some of the models out there that are better for that and then when used with the Hydra tube as a home Vaporizer.


I also think that there are better options out there for that, I just can’t think of a situation where i would currently recommended pinnacle over any of the other Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer mod so far.

for size comparison this is the pinnacle at the pax, the ascent ,fire Fly, solo and the magic flight launch box.

so this clip here is me taking a few drawers with the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer first time ,i have it on the lowest heat setting so it’s on 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have the chamber inside loaded pretty much almost full maybe eighty percent full and I’m basically just taking a nice slow long draw.

in this clip I have the other mouthpiece on to use with the hydra tube and i’m going to take a draw from the Hydra tubes you can see what that looks like.

you know like i mentioned the vapor ease a little more comfortable this way , i would say that if you are going to get this Vaporizer if you really do want to get the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer ,I would absolutely get the hydra tube to because I really feel like that’s the only way to make a tolerable, make it a good experience.


the battery life of the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

so one of the last issues that I had here with the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is in regards to the battery life and charging it.


i was able to get my testing about an hour of usage before the battery completely died from a full charge.


that was broken up into about 7-8 minutes sessions and I say eight minute sessions because that’s sort of the automatic shutoff timer and that’s built into this Vaporizer so once you turn it on it’s going to automatically shut off eight minutes later, sort of like a safety thing.


eight minutes is a little short tall for a session , i found myself sometimes turning it back on again but I would i count the minutes and it’s basically like an hour battery life.


that’s not that bad because you know that’s pretty in line with the other portables out there but it does say reading the manual that you might need up to three hours to fully recharge the battery was empty.


that’s on the long side that’s actually a lot longer than most of the good portables.



the conclusion of the pinnacle pro Vaporizer review

so in conclusion I’m not too crazy about the pinnacle pro Vaporizer,if you have to think that this pinnacle pro Vaporizer is right for you and you like it and you want to buy one I did put a link in the my article.

if you want to watch some more reviews of some portable Vaporizer that please browse my website.