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Introduction to the lost Lost Art e juice

In this review we are going to take a look at lost art e juice.

Lost Art e juice is based out of Los Angeles California and these 15 milliliter bottles were sent to me from Their company , you can get these 15 milliliter bottles for nine dollars.

so it’s basically 18 for 30 mil if you want to compare that way or nine bucks for the little 15 ml bottles.

i think that’s a decent price for these e juice,I think they could go a little bit cheaper but still i would say that this is a good deal.

you can also get Lost Art e juice at zero, three ,six and 12 milligrams of Nicotine,the flavors I’m trying today are all in three milligrams that is my preference but you can choose what you like.

Lost Art e juice Review


the Captain peanut butter crunch flavor of Lost Art e juice

the first falvor that we’re going to try is Captain peanut butter crunch.

here’s what the bottle looks like Lost Art e juice captain peanut butter crunch ,basically this is another little cereal vape,I’ve got this one on a dual coil . 4 set up all my Smith box at 51 watts.

So let’s try captain peanut butter crunch, the captain peanut butter crunch flavor of Lost Art e juice.

let’s go. with this either good i’m just getting kind of a sweet peanut butter kind of flavor ,it’s not really got as much of the peanut flavor in there , it’s kind of just like a smooth sweet peanut butter style vapor,nothing really is jumping out at me as far as flavors it’s not bad. but it’s not really that good.

alright the next really good e juice we’re going to try is Cottontail cream . here is what this bottle looks like a little bunny with X’s on eyes,Cottontail cream this one is a strawberry milk.

this one I am going to try on a new device ,i just got in the Tesla 100-watt temperature control box and I’ve got a dual coil on the support right here,we’re coming in at . 270 ohms right now and I’ve got it at 69 wats.

this flavor of Lost Art e juice is definitely one of my favorites out of the entire line of Lost Art e juice.it’s a really sweet like very strawberry strawberries and milk,so you don’t get much of the milk creamy flavor but it is there and it does kind of round out that strawberry.

it really tastes kind of like that nesquik more of like a fresh ripe and strawberry ,but very very sweet,it’s almost like strawberry sugar and milk .and the milk is kind of on the backend you don’t really taste much of the milk.

but it is there to kind of smooth it out ,but the more I steep this e juice and the more I try it the more i really really like it,let’s turn this up a little bit to 75 watts and see what we get.

really nice and smooth the throat hit is pretty minimal with this flavor I really actually like this flavor a lot and I think it’s worth that nine dollar price point for 15 mils.


unicorn puke flavor of Lost Art e juice

next up is going to be unicorn puke this is basically a rainbow sherbert .here’s what the bottle looks like,I’m going to be trying this one on my brand new crowned tank that i got in the black style which I think looks really cool on my with wotofo freakshow tiny mod and I’ve got this set at 39 watts,it is a point 25 ohm coil.

let’s get 40 watts.

this e juice is pretty nice and smooth in a tank it actually is pretty true to the rainbow sherbert type of Flavor,the flavor of Lost Art e juice is kind of muted I think that’s because i have it in this tank but when I tried it on a dripper it was a little too much for me.

the throat it was too much ,and so i put in the tank to see how it would do ,and it’s actually a really nice flavor in a tank ,a little muted but I think that’s to be expected in a tank.


space rocks flavor of Lost Art e juice

last up we’re taking a look at space rocks,here’s the bottle and label art for space rocks really cool and fun,this one is a strawberry kiwi pop rocks Candy.

so I’ve got this one set up on another crown tank on my Smith box this one is coming in at . 3 ohm so we’re going to go ahead and set it to 63 watts and take a vape.

now this one , i don’t know, i don’t really like it very much, it’s kind of got that weird candy chemical taste, I know that you guys have probably experienced it if you have it a lot of E juice and you’re into candy vapes sometimes they can be a little chemical tasting, kind of a little lipstick waxy tasting I don’t know what it is.

it definitely taste kind of the pop rocks feel that they’re going for it could definitely get that I get the strawberry kiwi,it almost tastes a little bit of like grape to me.

it’s not really that good it’s not something that I would ever buy in the dripper ,it was just a  little too overwhelming for me that throat it was really there and that weird fake taste was there as well.

I guess that was the lost art e juice line, i hope you enjoyed my review , I feel like there are a couple good ones in there, i really liked unicorn puke and Cottontail cream. it’s hard to remember these names but i really liked those to the other two not so much did not get a thumbs up for me but you can find all these e juice ,nine bucks for 15 mil.

Lost Art e juice Review

Conclusion of flavor of Lost Art e juice

so I think the two that i mentioned that i liked unicorn puke and Cottontail cream are worth the nine dollars for 15 mil ,I don’t think the others are worth that much so use your discretion when you choose to shop for these e juice and that’s it for this review.

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