side view of the of the vaporizer
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Joyetech Exceed Edge Review – a new starter kit for everyone


Hello everyone,in this review, we will talk about the joyetech exceed edge vaporizer, I’m very happy to meet with you. With the upgrading of e-cigarettes, not only small vaporizers such as PHIX vape pod will bring tobacco replacement products to a new height, and other types of e-cigarette products are constantly being upgraded and changed.


As a Chinese e-cigarette giant’s Joyetech, it has launched a new integrated electronic cigarette product . With the technical advantage of the big brand, the integrated electronic cigarette product has got outstanding improvements.

side view of the of the vaporizer

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The fashion appearance

The EXCEED EDGE e-cigarette incorporates sports car elements in terms of appearance. The lines are aesthetically pleasing, and the black keys make the entire e-cigarette look like a soft-top sports car.

The product adopts cylindrical packaging, and the product is equipped with two atomization cores. The manufacturer does not pre-install the atomization core for the equipment. After the product is obtained, the user needs to install it.

vaporizer bottom


at the tail of the EXCEED EDGE e-cigarette, sports car elements can also be seen. The indicator light of the product adopts a design similar to a sports car taillight, which is very cool. The indicator light not only provides a flashing indication when the power is turned on and off, but also can indicate the remaining power of the user’s device.

In the middle of the indicator light of the taillight is the charging interface of the device, and there is a sense of the car’s exhaust hole against the indicator light.

atomizer and the vaporizer

The atomizer and mod connection

The plug-in connection between the atomizer and the mod is similar to many mainstream vaporizer products. Although no magnetic structure is used, the two parts can be very tight after installation and there will be no poor electrical contact.

The small hole above the fuselage is the external air inlet opening, and the inhaled air will enter the atomizer through the small hole at the bottom of the atomizer. The inspiratory resistance of the atomizer can meet the needs of small mouth lungs, and oral use will not feel empty.

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atomizer components

The atomization core can be screwed into the atomizer after engaging with the metal base at the bottom of the atomizer. The contact portion between the top of the atomization core and the flue is sealed with a thick apron to ensure the tightness of the vapor passage.

The atomizer part directly eliminates the air inlet opening, and the entire air intake passage of the atomizer is formed by means of the opening of the fuselage part and the bottom of the atomization core. The atomizer is entirely made of PETG material, and the partial mouthpiece of the flat cigarette holder is very comfortable.


The e cig comes with 2 standard two 1.2 ohms, power output of 8 to 12 watts atomizing core. With the mod’s good output capability, it is no issue with this atomized core. The atomizing core is a BVC vertical coil structure.

The thick cotton wrapping enables the atomizing core to have high e liquid absorption and storage capacity, and at the same time it improves the sealing of the atomizer and ensures that the e juice does not leak out from the bottom of the atomizing core.

The atomizer review of the Exceed Edge

top part of the vaporizer

The atomizer adopts a totally sealed structure, which largely avoids the occurrence of e liquid leakage. The e liquid filling hole of the oil tank which can hold 2ML of e juice is located on the side of the atomizer. The rubber plug can be opened for oil filling.

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the vaporizer and palm

However, the e liquid filling opening is small. It is recommended to use a needle type oil filling bottle for oil filling. After the rubber plug is closed, the atomizer is inserted into the mod, which further improves the stability of the rubber plug and ensures the sealing of the entire atomizer section.

The conclusion

Thanks to the advantages of large buttons and excellent streamline, the  e-cigarette is very good in gripping experience. The large-area buttons can satisfy the thumb pressing and the thumb-like grip pressing.

The amount of vapor is not the advantage of . It is indeed very good on the taste. Using high nicotine content or nicotine salt in e juice combined with oral use, the final conclusion of my review,EXCEED EDGE is a very good one-piece electronic cigarette product.