Grasshopper Vaporizer
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Grasshopper Vaporizer

Introduction to the Grasshopper Vaporizer

Oh , today finally I got my precious, beautiful grasshopper vaporizer, these are 4 editions four anodized titanium color.

Personally, I prefer my standard titanium edition, which I keep in my smell safe travel case as the ultimate companion for your grasshopper Vaporizer , I like the industrial look of the titanium edition is just awesome but the smell safe carry cases like the ultimate companion that you can get a spare batteries in there, your charger,even your grind herbs.

Grasshopper Vaporizer


How to use the Grasshopper Vaporizer

i use this little glass line jazz portable container which I put my grind herbs in there.

this is how I load the Grasshopper Vaporizer on the travle, it really couldn’t be easier just did that in there, twisted around a bit and you’ve got your chamber filled with herbs there, twist on the mouthpiece and this is really the most shocking thing about the grasshopper.

how quickly it heats up ,turn it on, light is red, and the light goes blue, is ready to hit.

because this is a convection vaporizer, your first hit probably won’t produce much clouds, you’re pulling the cold air out of the herbs and the warm air into the chamber.

so much flavor on that first hit, now going in for the second hit for the clouds.

delicious and practically drooling from the flavor that I’m getting from that pure convection ,hit of this it is going to get warm as i hit it more and that is why i have discovered the best way to use the grasshopper is actually to take those big long rips.

but spaced them out so basically the technology in this tiny devices so advanced that it is forcing those of us who have used lower tech vaporizes for years to adapt and come around to the convection other words bigger rips less frequently.

you don’t have to sit a nursery vaporizer anymore for half an hour you just take one or two big rips and sometimes that can even be enough to clear your entire chamber and extract everything from your herds.

the Grasshopper Vaporizer is so efficient it really is mind blow.

Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

the vapor of the Grasshopper Vaporizer

beautiful delicious clouds ,so many people have been waiting for this incredible device designed by a team of aeronautical engineers and vaporous who decided to devote their skills and knowledge to creating the perfect portable vaporizer back in 2013.

and they’ve done it, finally is now available is on general sale you can get the Grasshopper Vaporizer  from a Vaporizer  store.when we showed it to the grasshopper ,people in the way this for like three years it feels like it it was never going to come out one moment.

but I’m blown away by it still and some people say the mouthpiece gets a bit too hot,which I suppose is true if you’re kind of sitting there nursing it, but for the occasional like really big one hit,I love to stuff inside, i love the fact that looks like a Montblanc pants.

yet I mean take the mouthpiece off and that is a pen begging you think that in your top pocket you would get away with that anything.i think you know although i think some people won’t like it because it’s not the kind of vapor that you can see on the sofa for like 20 minutes half an hour .

but I think some people love it because it’s something a couple of seconds and you can just take a big fat rip and kind of pretty much extract everything from the herbs in more or less one or two .

I would never get over the spectacular rips that you can get from the grasshopper with a Pablo like this bomb tower bubbler ,and it is the bridge adapter then you don’t let little car function there .

but what however you use it whether you use it with a water pipe whether you use it for those discrete hits .this is a vaporizer unlike any other, it’s not cheap for the titanium versions it’ll cost you 249 pounds  .

Grasshopper Vaporizer Review

the conclusion of the Grasshopper Vaporizer review

the steel ones will be released later and they’ll be 50 pounds cheaper a hundred and ninety nine pounds .

but for that you’re getting something that is beautifully machined and engineered really unique and it comes with a lifetime warranty I don’t think there is any other vaporize on earth that offers that lifetime limited warranty is absolutely incredible so I mean you know what I think about it I love this device it is fantastic check it out for yourself .