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Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA review – a new kind of RTA you want


In this review , we will talk about the Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA.Regardless of the types of equipment that can be selected, the electronic cigarette has never be outside of the lung suction and oral suction methods. In 2015-2016, the lung sucking vaporizer dominated various product categories. The eruption period has imprinted the development of the electronic cigarette industry.


In 2018, a large number of small vapor devices emerged in the market, and the original use of various cigarette-based conveniences came back to us. Among them, in addition to the small vaporizer, the RTA of mouth to mouth design slowly emerges more new products. Today, what we share here is an RTA that is now called MTL by the manufacturer. It is a 22MM from FUMYTECH, The Fumytech Gotank mtl rta. 

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package box

 The size and shape of the RTA

From the package, you can see that this is a atomizer with a slender nozzle. GOTANK MTL RTA is different from ROSE MTL RTA’s is that the retro size is 22MM, the single shot needs to be matched with more Compact mod device. However, before the detailed description below, I shall mention a professional vocabulary that is the MTL. Whether it is the past GTA or the MTL shared today, this is just a word with a new fashion, and in the final analysis these types of equipment are still an old RTA .


 What is inside the package?

The original package delivered four core high-resistance Clapton coils, as well as some conventional spare parts such as seals, screws, and glass bins. Screwdrivers and cotton also belong to the more common gift configuration. The Fumytech Gotank RTA’s overall shape is more in line with the current atomizer aesthetics, classic black and white ,quite straight design.

the atomizer

the characteristics of the gotank

 The compact air intake system, the negative pressure e juice guide structure, and the slender small-bore suction nozzle, which are all of the same features as the mouth-absorbing equipment, are not missing. There are two sets of five-hole and three-hole bottom air inlet adjustments. from a very rich suction resistance adjustment latitude, to a suction hole tight single hole or light lung suction eight holes, all requirements can be met.

atomizer  parts

The Top e liquid filling

 The top oiling system has a rich retro style, and the workmanship and combination of smoothness are very good. Players who experienced the Gobang era will remember the unbearable “screw-unloading” anti-human oil filling operation. The bottleneck of structural design capability is no longer existing in today’s atomizers, and industry-level progress has brought More convenience.


GTA, MTL is also good. The structure of Fumytech Gotank is simple and straightforward. The selection of a floating electrode platform that is popular nowadays is the best way for both reconstruction and top injection. Simple silk operation and fool-like cotton packing, through the full contact characteristics of cotton with tobacco oil, this new type of mouth-sucking equipment is no longer confined to 50% VG smoke oil. the oil guide design can ensure the air tightness of the top injection.

 There are two layers of anti-explosion e jucie design, located inside and outside the dome. For the time being, let us  not mentioned whether the anti-fried e jucie accessories will if or not affect the inhalation of vapor. In actual usage, this part is more likely to accumulate condensate. When it is found that there is buzzing in use or has been inadvertently contacted with condensate, It can be properly cleaned with paper towels, without much usage impact.

With Sleek and exquisite sanding quality, This mouth-absorbing mouthpiece makes people feel sensible both in style and performance. In the atomizer top cover has a non-slip knurling treatment, but in the picture it is not obvious. In use, the force to open the top cover is very direct, and the e juice leak will never occur.

the atomizer coil

The post on the electrode stage provides a good fixing effect for the lock wire. The original Clapton coil has a diameter of 3.0 turns (about 0.77 ohms). If this is a new user using this atomizer, please pay attention to the coil and the electrode table gap,  the cotton padding will not repeat the description, this cotton hole only need to filled with cotton, if the users meets the situation that the e juice injection speed is not ideal, you can use the cotton filled with e juice which also can achieve a seal (blocking) on ​​this hole.

Use original coil to try a more viscous e juice (3MG concentration). Under the condition of full air intake, use light lung suction to experience. GOTANK’s resistance will appear more obvious, various kinds of compound e juice make The aroma is evenly reduced and has sufficient aroma concentration, and the heat of the single-shot Clapton coil at this time will not appear hot as a result of continuous vaping. Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA performed well enough for the use of e juice, which are not compatible with many old-fashioned mouthwash RTAs.want to know more about rta, go to Wikipedia.com or just google it. 

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The Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA performance review

GOTANK RTA also has an extremely convincing performance when the intake air is closed to a certain degree. It will not be limited to the use of high resistance parameters such as 28G/30G/A1 because of the outdated structure, such as the use of a set of mouthpieces that are used for vaping relief such as Coil A1/26G/2.5/8, when the air intake is adjusted to at least one hole, it can bring you KFLP-like familiar inhalation feeling, but in other data compatibility, GOTANK’s overall strength is better than the former.

 In the use of mouth-pull coil parameters, GOTANK’s requirements for the mod are obviously lower. Any mod on the market can almost satisfy the requirement that 30W is the upper limit. This type of RTA, which is called MTL.

 If we follow the development trend of the whole e-cigarette industry, it is not difficult to find that the original demand for “smoke” will be rekindled. This is in addition to the bottleneck of the equipment of the big vaping device, and it is also related to the player’s mentality. The change has a lot of relations. We don’t suspect that the birth of e-cigarettes actually came from smoking cessation. Although the big vaping gameplay is full of unrestrained personality and personality, it will always be unable to meet the daily demand for cigarette replacement due to various factors.

The conclusion

Final word of my review ,FUMYTECH’s GOTANK MTL RTA fully combines the essence of  modern vaping both from the structure or appearance. Its workmanship is excellent enough. As a mouth-sucking and positioning RTA, the air intake adjustment and data compatibility can be said to be responsive. It can provide you with a good experience…