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CoilART MAGE RTA review – the newest addition to our box mod

The introduction

Today in our review ,we will talk about the CoilART MAGE RTA, a new 24MM 3.5ML tank atmozier.

RTA whole view

         With the evolution of e-cigarette technology, the atomizer structure has been gradually improved. Thanks to the common benign competition of global vape brands, vapers can use more perfect design equipment. In addition to the essential use of smoking cessation and substitution for cigarettes, e-cigarettes have gradually developed into an independent culture of fancy vapor. COILART is one of the forerunners in the world’s major electronic cigarette equipment brands.

the package box

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we introduce  a new atomizer from COILART. Since the predecessor version does not have any product packaging, and the product structure and detail optimization may occur in the subsequent official sales version, the review is only for the engineering model. This CoilART MAGE   atomizer size is 24MM 3.5ML. The manufacturer attaches an extra product atomization core very intimately, so that the users can experience this new product with whole product life cycles.

rta large view

The size and look

This is a 24MM diameter atomizer, for the time we learned that the capacity is 3.5ML, manufacturers provide 0.2 and 0.4 ohm two atomizing core for use. Since the introduction of MAGE GTA by COILART, the conventional volcanic suction nozzle family has completely changed into a straight-tube appearance.

the components

Review the bottom of CoilART MAGE RTA

The RTA uses the common bottom inlet and top oiling solutions, without any fancy structural innovations, but precisely this old structure guarantees its practicality. The bottom of the air ring with bayonet, three air intakes bring a large span of air volume adjustment. 810 nozzle “small blue circle” plus the knurled on the accessories, and a simple color scheme create a visually poor appearance, and there is no lack of refinement in the overall appearance. if you want to know more side info ,you can go to

How to use it

After the top cover is taken out, the huge e liquid injection hole can be seen. The top cover opening process has an excellent experience. The hand feel experience is benefited from the bevel cutting on the top cover, and the operation of the right angle top cover avoids a hard hand. Anodized suction nozzle metal ring with MAGE logo, combined with a black suction nozzle thermal insulation material can produce a poor texture, suction nozzle shape and DRIPPRO RDA nozzle similarities and differences, so that the taste experience closer to the taste direction.

dissemble the rta

The disassembly of mage rta

After disassembling the entire atomizer, the above diagram shows the traditional atomizer structure. In the development of e-cigarettes, we can see more innovative structures. Businesses have given more publicity gimmicks such as “black technology ” and so on. In fact, many traditional structures that have been used up to now do not have much black technology. Mostly based on the practical properties of time precipitation and precipitation, CoilART MAGE RTA  chose this type of practical structure.

atomizer core

The power output

      The shape of the atomizing core is not a traditional cylindrical shape, and its four right-angled surfaces are all cut flat. The rectangular oil guiding holes are located on these four cutting surfaces. With a thick outer wall and a tight seal, this slightly weighted atomizing core will give you a good impression of quality before it is used. The official mark on the resistance of 0.2 ohm and the recommended output limit of 100W, the best power output in the 50-70W, of course, these parameters need to be slightly adjusted, which with the smoke and the mod with the difference there will be.

atomizer  bottom

The Vapor generation

The top of the atomizing core is directly linked with the top cover part, and the internal curvature of the dome and the diameter of the flue can be seen. In this kind of atomizer design that is biased towards smoke and has a taste, it represents a new era of taste or taste pursuit, short or no passage smoke design allows the smoke to enter the mouth as quickly as possible at the moment of production, and all the taste and perception generated from the e liquid is more direct.

e juice injection

Which e juice shall I use?

The CoilART MAGE RTA kit  does not suffer from leakage problems due to top injection and the 24 hour full oil standstill test is also reliable. For atomizers such as this kind of oil guide hole opening and product positioning, although the content of VG can be fully compatible under normal circumstances, VG 70% or so of smoke oil can achieve the best experience, it will not be caused by VG. Leakage is too low and the VG is too high to cause the oil to slow down. I also write a review about the fresh Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA , which is good.

e juice inside atomizer

The Vapor test and taste

The taste and test performance is an important part of the atomizer. CoilART MAGE RTA  has three groups of bottom air inlet holes. The shape of the air inlet ring can be used to match three small single-hole air inlet settings, with 0.2 ohm atomization core. the best subjective combination in the experience process is the 72W output and the three-hole air intake. At this time, moderate absorption and heating speeds can be obtained. The slightly warm smoke can clearly restore the taste of the e liquid. if you want to see the newest vaporizer instead of rta, such as the joyetech exceed edge , please check here.

The conclusion

In the period when small-vapor equipment is re-igniting the upsurge of cigarettes, the polarization of the use of e-cigarettes has begun to become more apparent. No matter starter kit or high end mod, there is room for development without interference. COILART, as the leading brand of large vaporizer equipment, has achieved sufficient value for both appearance and daily practicality in CoilART MAGE . The sincerity has achieved a good balance between vapor and taste. If you are interested in this atomizer , you can pay attention to the official release message. If you want to know more about general info of RTA ,you can visit

box mod whole  view

Although many users are no longer willing to carry a large vaporizer outside, it is undeniable that the pleasure brought by the big mod device is unmatched by the portable type, and COILART’s products have been sticking to this kind of big vaporizer. The positioning, and the introduction of all kinds of products have always maintained a high standard, this is the end of my review, hope  you will like the CoilART MAGE RTA .