• The Mighty Vaporizer Review
    Ejuice Review

    The Mighty Vaporizer review

    The introduction of the Mighty Vaporizer today we’re going to try this the mighty vaporizer,this Mighty Vaporizer right here is dependable, the Mighty Vaporizer is well made, it’s efficient ,it’s consistent and it will give you big clouds of vapor every single time. because this guy is built to last ,you can also vaporize concentrates and flour with it ,…

  • Zeppy ejuice Review
    Ejuice Review

    Zeppy ejuice

    Introduction to the zeppy ejuice today we had to do a zeppy ejuice review , we’re going to do a juice review on is a company that I know and love this company by the name of Zeppy . if you like zeppoles , you should be happy, they make zeppoles flavored e liquids ,maybe those   people who in the west…

  • KILO e Liquid Black Series Review
    Ejuice Review

    KILO e Liquid

    The introduction of the KILO e Liquid Black Series Today I will give you an illiquid review of kilo premium e liquids black series. i’ve got four flavors to try for you today, if you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t know kilo is an e liquid brand very well known for creamy flavors like blueberry cream,if you…

  • Lost Art e juice Review
    Ejuice Review

    Lost Art e juice

    Introduction to the lost Lost Art e juice In this review we are going to take a look at lost art e juice. Lost Art e juice is based out of Los Angeles California and these 15 milliliter bottles were sent to me from Their company , you can get these 15 milliliter bottles for nine dollars. so it’s basically…

  • St Augustine Organic E liquid pick me up
    Ejuice Review

    St Augustine Organic E liquid

    Introduction to the St Augustine Organic E liquid today we make a review on a company by the name of St Augustine’s organic E liquid. The St Augustine Organic it’s an e liquid company which locate at the smallest towns in Florida and it’s been there for like for ever .   it’s probably one of the most original towns in…

  • Specialty Vapors e Juice
    Ejuice Review

    Specialty Vapors e Juice

    Introduction to Specialty Vapors e Juice today we’re here to do another e juice review ,that’s right, we’re going be doing another juice review today.today’s our e juice review is in a company by the name of specialty vapor .specialty vapor has released i believe it’s a five or six line of Specialty Vapors e juice. The flavors of Specialty Vapors…

  • Horse E liquid review
    Ejuice Review

    Horse E liquid

    Introduction to the Horse E liquid today we are going to offer you an e liquid review , the Horse E liquid review.it is a brand new company that just came out by the name of horse e liquids. If you want to know about more about the Horse E liquid or want to purchase some of it ,you can…

  • Halo e Juice quality
    Ejuice Review

    Halo e Juice

    The introduction to Halo e Juice since i have bought halo e Juice time and time again in the past ,I think I shall give my favorite ejuice brand a review. Today I will give my review of  five different halo e Juice, to try out and have been vaping these five liquids for the last month and a half…

  • Black Note eLiquid
    Ejuice Review

    Black Note e Liquid

    Introduction to Black Note e Liquid In today’s review is going to be on the vape e liquid ,specifically the black note e Liquid, a tobacco based e liquid. now if you’re anything like me ,chances are you used to smoke before you start vaping. you started vaping because you want to get off the bad chemicals involved with cigarettes…