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    Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA review – a new kind of RTA you want

    introduction In this review , we will talk about the Fumytech Gotank MTL RTA.Regardless of the types of equipment that can be selected, the electronic cigarette has never be outside of the lung suction and oral suction methods. In 2015-2016, the lung sucking vaporizer dominated various product categories. The eruption period has imprinted the development of the electronic cigarette industry.…

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    atomizer review

    Wotofo ReCurve RDA review and break down

    introduction In this review, we will take a through look at the WOTOFO new atomizer, the Recurve RDA.Joint launch is a common practice in the e-cigarette industry, especially in the well-known brand WOTOFO’s products , for example, the SMM RTA which received considerable attention some time ago is produced by WOTOFO and SUCK MYMOD. An RDA shared with you today…